A Basic Sewing Kit

Keeping our clothes for longer and taking care of them is one of the fundamental elements of a sustainable wardrobe. This not only includes the laundering and storing but repairing, mending darning and simple conversions (reworking to fit or alter).
Once every couple of months I gather clothes that require fixing, too long, too short, too big, button dropped off etc and have a blissful few hours mending.
There is a real reason why back to basic mending is an important skill to learn in a world where fast fashion rules and once a garment is deemed unwearable we throw it away and head to the shops for a replacement. So we have to start over and teach ourselves the techniques commonly used and known by our grandmothers, great grandmothers.
So let's start with a basic sewing kit:
Scissors both fabric and a small pointed pair (such as embroidery scissors). The large scissors for fabrics and large cutting projects. The small for unpicking and delicate handwork.
Measuring tape a plastic version I find the best also a standard flat 12" rule.
Dressmaking pins, preferably with coloured glass heads, These are easier to work with, longer better than shorter.
Hand sewing needles a mixed pack will work sizes 5-10.
There are links to Amazon for all of the basic items required but do your own research. Hobbycraft or John Lewis or if you are lucky enough to have a local sewing shop do go and take a look.
You will also need a steam iron, but I'm guessing that most people own an iron!
Catch you soon!
Wendy X

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