Be unique, own it and do your bit for slow fashion.

I love this image, 2 bold ladies really owning these outfits. Singularly would we notice, but together...WOW!
Today circular fashion, slow fashion, sustainable fashion, whatever, allows an increasing amount of individuality some of us have always shied away from. There is more freedom NOT to follow the crowd and do your own thing. We don't all need that Zara dress, or H&M top but we can now with confidence go find that piece from the charity shop, sustainable seller and know that it's OK, really it is, you won't be judged, pointed at, talked about. Well you might, they could be asking where you buy you vintage, sustainable clothes.
So be brave ladies, step into the unknown and if you're asked, tell 'em I sent ya!
Keep safe!
Wendy X
P.S......I sell some of this stuff too:)

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