Definition of Vintage

Let's go over what we all think this is, whether it be clothes, shoes or bags.
By definition old (usually older than 20 years), a term to cover the name of clothes from another era whether of historical importance, value or simply rare and therefore sought after. These pieces tend to be well made with fabrics that have lasted 50, 40, 30, 20 years and can still hold their own today. More than 100 years and we are the realms of antique.
Vintage, the word, French was based on wine as in the time or place where the best of its kind was produced. Therefore clothes often made from high-quality materials, exquisite detailing with long-lasting value.
Retro (retrospective) vintage often made to replicate a previous era, poorly made, mass-produced revival pieces without the quality of fabric, detailing and love of the true vintage clothing.
This one, early in terms of vintage, 1980s original piece, pink, puffy, shiny, everything that we think of for our vintage 80s ideal. In the shop, we have pieces from 1940s -1990s, they are tricky to sell, right customer, right size, but we love them and will continue to rescue these preloved vintage gems so please stay with us!
A few more definitions:
Designer Vintage - famous and iconic brands/designers from 1920s - 90s.
Retro Vintage - clothing made and copies from another era, not true vintage.
Vintage Clothing - well made labeled or unlabelled pieces from 1920s - 1990s conforming to a style of their era.
So have fun shopping and remember whatever era of vintage, you are buying history and if clothes could talk oh what a tale they would tell!
Keep safe.
Wendy X

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