Let's think about a sustainable wardrobe....

Being sustainable, thinking consciously about what we are buying and using is all around us. I have been wearing what we are now calling 'sustainable slow fashion' for years. For me there has always been an enjoyment of finding a little treasure knowing that you are unlikely to meet anyone else wearing the same item. Today, well I'm still buying and wearing, let's call it what it is, second-hand clothes, for the enjoyment of the find, but also because its sensible in so many ways, for me, for all of us. Now I know some of you might be struggling with the concept and there are a number of companies such as mine selling these clothes....but just try. There are some great pieces about and if you shop in the right place they will have been carefully laundered and repaired as necessary (that's what we do). So give it some thought, jeans and classics are a great place to start.
Have a great day!
Wendy x

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