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A recent consumer report states that there are three main reasons (apparently there are a few others! ) customers write reviews, to share an experience, advise others to enable them to make better buying decisions, and to reward a company for good work, supply or performance.
A good review explains which factors contributed to a positive, negative, or just indifferent experience. It might also offer a view on what is working well, but also some advice on what to change or improve.
As small businesses or large for that matter, we all need them to grow and improve, so please help us out by leaving one! Remember please keep it friendly and courteous!
We're offering a 20% discount off your next order for a review...or a like it, wear it and share it on Instagram @sustainremainvintage.
If you leave a review, we will DM with a discount checkout code.
Thank you!
Wendy X

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