Reworked Clothing

It's not always easy to take the scissors to a perfectly good, acceptable dress. But, having been in stock for 18 months it was time for the chop!
The original dress came to us in Summer 2019 as a beach dress. We thought it would fly off the rails and possibly if the world hadn't gone a little crazy it might have done! But trends and styles change so a quick alteration was called for.
This is a simple fix that can easily be done at home to give your dresses a longer life and fresh new look. You could simply take some fabric off the length and re-hem. We didn't do that! We felt that this dress would possibly be a little too 'A' line if we simply shortened it so instead, we took off the skirt and cut away the fabric from the middle of the dress. Then we stay stitched and gathered the skirt to make the best use of the volume at the bottom of the skirt. The skirt was then sewn back on with new elastic fed through (under the bust) to create this cute on-trend (and it's pink!) mini dress.
This is a simple hack/upcycle and remember it's not a competition to see who can create the most unique piece, it's about re-using what we have. Stay with us and subscribe for regular reworked clothing up-dates. xxreworked-clothing

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