#reworked clothing - crop top

This was a fitted classic wrap top that nipped in at the waist and flared out to sit over the hips.
This one is the 00s and one of mine that sadly no longer fits (!).
Required was a simple #conversion that you guys can easily do at home, so here's how it's done.
Decide where you want the finished piece to sit on your body (I might add that this is not for me and will be going into the shop). Measure to this point across front panels and back. Add 1cm seam allowance. Carefully cut off the excess fabric. Tip - if your wrap top has holes to feed ties through, do not cut above this! Add a simple hem and machine sew. And that's it, a cute Summer crop for jeans, shorts, holidays, and festivals (yeah, I know, but soon eh?)!
I've reworked this top for my shop, but you might find something similar in a thrift/charity shop when they open up. If you like this one, click through to SRV Reworked.
Happy sewing!

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